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ATI and Jim Beattie are synonymous in the field of drag racing. It is common to find ATI equipped vehicles winning races throughout the United States, and the world. However, this tremendous success didn't happen overnight. ATI Performance Products, Inc is the creation of over 50 years of transmission and performance component manufacturing and racing experience.

In the early 1960's, Jim Beattie, ATI's president and owner, left the Navy and opened a general transmission rebuilding shop that has grown into one of the largest suppliers of quality high performance transmissions, torque converters and driveline components in the industry. Jim further enhanced his new company's image by competing as a Sportsman drag racer in the '60's and as the owner and sponsor of the immensely popular original Black Magic Fuel Funny Car, a crowd favorite in the mid-70s.

Today, ATI manufactures a multitude of high performance parts including Competition Transmissions, Treemaster Converters, Super Dampers, Compu-Flow Valve Bodies, Flexplates, and Adapter Kits as well as a wide variety of performance enhancing internal components. ATI's commitment to racing has allowed the company to maintain a prominent position on the cutting edge of high performance component design and manufacturing.

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, ATI's corporate headquarters houses one of the most advanced machine shops in the industry. Jim's fascination with computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinery has produced a plant equipped with some of the finest CNC lathes, milling machines and machining centers available. The tolerances and the uniformity of each manufactured part are held to the highest standards. By investing in this technology, Jim Beattie has insured that his customers receive the highest quality performance components available anywhere. Just as ATI started, everything is produced in-house, in the USA!

'77 - The ATI "Funny" CarsATI has maintained a close relationship with racers and racetracks, no matter what the class, bracket or size of the track. As a major sponsor of the NHRA, and IHRA, Jim and the entire ATI staff have made a strong commitment to the sport of racing and the tradition of providing the finest performance parts in the industry.

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