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Like many great companies, Cold Air inductions (CAI Inc.) started from a passion and hobby …

The president of CAI Inc., James Newsome, is an auto enthusiast who has built several drag & show cars. With years of experience employed by General Motors and a life filled with designing and wrenching, James had the knowledge and skills needed to do all the engineering and fabricating for his own projects. While building one of his vehicles, James decided he wanted an air intake for his vehicle that would stand above everyone else's, not only in concern to performance, but also in appearance. He didn't want to use the same old heat absorbing plastic system, he wanted a system designed to live up to its name and be a real cold air intake system. Unfortunately a company did not exist who built a system to James higher standards of quality and design, so he set out to build his own.

Little did he know, what started as just a project was going to lead him into something much, much larger. After endless research and design, prototyping, and testing, James had a cold air intake for his vehicle that was maximizing his vehicles performance, and was getting a lot of attention when the hood was popped. A friend would see it and want one built for his vehicle, people at the drag strip would see it and want one for their vehicle, and the requests kept coming, thus Cold Air Inductions Inc. was born.

CAI Inc. was officially formed in 2004, and James started engineering and manufacturing Cold Air Intakes for the public. But he did not stop with just designing a whole new approach the air box, he then went on to create his own design of high performance air filters, which have features way above and beyond what is considered to be "industry standard".

Years later from its humble beginnings in a garage, CAI Inc. now sells thousands of systems, has an extensive dealer network, and utilizes some of the best technology and equipment in its new state of the art manufacturing facility. Sticking to its roots, CAI Inc. still implements the same research and design, prototyping, and rigorous testing for each unit that is manufactured as if it were going on our own vehicles. By keeping our quality standards high, constantly improving product development, and treating our customers like we would want to be treated, CAI Inc. has become a leader in the aftermarket performance industry.

Whether you own a vehicle and are shopping for a cold air intake, or are looking to become a distributor/dealer, Cold Air Inductions is confident that we can offer you the best solution for your Cold Air Intake needs.

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